The Danger of Man-Centerdness

What is the difference between a rattlesnake and a man-centered church?  One was created for God's glory and the other will kill you. Intentionally or unintentionally, the modern western-church has become extremely man-centered. Numerous articles and books discuss the issues: Churches operate under a consumer-driven mindset dishing out program after program focused on what people like or think they need.  As a result of the starting point being man-centered, worship music has become increasingly shallow and void of biblical theology. Preaching is now focused on topics and felt needs, rather than on the explanation of the text of the Bible and exhortation to obey what is found within, including repentance of sin and faith in Christ. Man has been elevated and reverence for God is often absent.  Perhaps worst of all, the Gospel is not understood by many who claim to be Christians and the implications and demands of the Gospel on man are ignored. The inevitable result is spiritual death.

The Remedy: Christ-Centerdness

Several churches from Southwest Oklahoma have joined together to promote Christ-centerdness in all matters, in all churches. We believe the remedy is simple: Christ-centerndness in all matters.  We believe that Jesus Christ must be central to the foundation and formation of healthy churches.   He must be central in the planning of worship music, central in the preaching of the Bible, central in evangelism and every endeavor a church undertakes.  When Jesus Christ is at the center of all of our endeavors we are humbled and God is exalted and glorified.   

This year's conference will focus on the Gospel. You might be asking yourself: "Why... doesn't everyone in Southwest Oklahoma understand the Gospel?"  You might initially think so – but no.  Many, even lifetime church attenders, struggle to explain the Gospel. The sweet simple Gospel must be returned to again and again as we naturally gravitate away from it and toward a man-centered theology. 

Conference speakers will aim to explain that: The Gospel must be taught and understood through what Jesus Christ has accomplished. The Christian worldview must be formed through the truth of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done. The Bible must be interpreted, both the Old and the New Testaments, through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Church, and her mission, must be centered on Jesus Christ and the proclamation of what He has accomplished. Finally, we must understand that the purpose of our lives, the universe, the Church and the Gospel is the Glory of God. 


Please join us on Nov 4 - Nov 5 in Lawton Ok. 

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