2017 Overview

Our theme: "The Five Solas of the Reformation" was chosen to commemorate the 500th anniversary of The Protestant Reformation. 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the chapel door at Wittenburg on October 31, 1517, sparking The Protestant Reformation.  Our conference will focus on the great biblical doctrines which emerged from the Reformation, changed the world, and became known as the Five Solas of The Protestant Reformation.

Main Session Sermons


Session 1 : Dr. Tom Nettles - The 5 Solas

Session 2: Josh King- Sola Scriptura Scripture Alone

Session 3: Dusty Deevers - Sola Fide / Faith Alone

Session 4: Dr. Billy Elkins - Sola Gratia / Grace Alone

Session 5:  George Mayes - Solus Christus Christ Alone

Session 6: Jay Jones - Soli Deo Gloria / The Glory of God Alone

Session 7:  Dr. Tom Nettles - Concluding Remarks on the Solas