2016 Overview



Main Session Sermons


Session 1: The Explicit Gospel

Many people today fail to understand accurately the simple truths of the Gospel. Dusty will start us off with the right foundation by giving us a biblical understanding of the good news of what Jesus Christ has accomplished and how we should respond to Him. 

Session 2: The Gospel Shaped Worldview

Billy will be preaching on the importance of having a biblical worldview." A worldview is the lens through which you view reality.  Having a biblical worldview is essential in understanding the the gospel, a biblical worldview is essential to having healthy Christ-Centered Churches.

Session 3: The Gospel In The Old Testament

George will be preaching on seeing Christ in all of Scripture.  The Bible is not a disconnected series of stories that are not related to one another. The Bible tells one story; the story of Christ. 

Session 4: The Church, The Gospel Militant

Jay will be preaching on the general exhortation to the Philippians which begins in 1:27. Paul exhorts the church to live lives worth of the gospel by advancing the gospel together in unity.  We must obey this exhortation today and advance the gospel together in unity despite a culture, that in many ways, is opposed to the exclusivity of Christ and His gospel.

Session 5:  The Gospel Of The Glory Of The Blessed God

Josh will be preaching on the ultimate end of the Gospel, the glory of God. Our joy as Christians, as recipients of the benefits of the Gospel, is found in God's glory. The end purpose of the universe and everything God is doing in history is the glory of God.